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Winter 2018

The last of the leaves have blown away, and the willow stems are bare, revealing the palette of colours the different varieties provide. The next harvest is due to start early in the New Year, and stock will become available from mid-February onwards.

The willow store is almost empty: just a small number of bundles of sturdy willow at 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft. Please phone or email for details.

A note about delivery: Blencogo Willow does not charge for packaging orders, but delivery charges are set by the courier on an individual basis. These costs have increased sharply in the last couple of years, and as willow bundles don't fit neatly into rectangular boxes, carriage can be relatively expensive. A surcharge is made for delivery to a residential address, so if it is possible to arrange delivery to a registered business address, then this saves on cost. When considering placing an order, we suggest planning ahead to order a decent amount for future needs, since sending out a single bundle can cost as much as the willow itself! And of course if you are within travelling distance of us, or might consider visiting this beautiful area, then come and collect your willow - we'd be delighted to meet you, just phone or email beforehand!

Any queries, please get in touch.


Nothing to do with willow, but anyone keen on literature about the countryside and traditional rural crafts may be interested in the following publications:

A Solitary Trade

The Art and Craft of Dry Stone Walling

by Robert Drake

As a craftsman, Robert Drake knows his trade inside out. He has a deep respect for his material and the long traditions of his craft. He is aware of the world about him, of a stillness and a solitude and a timelessness which few of us these days are able to experience. This is a beautiful and perceptive book. (Steve Matthews, Bookcase)

This would be the ideal book for attendees at dry stone walling courses, to reinforce what they have learned. They will find it invaluable. (Nick Aitken, Dry Stone Walling Association)

Paperback 98pp ISBN 9781904147381

Available from the author, £9.00 inc p&p - please make cheque or postal order payable to 'Robert Drake'.


Becks and Gills of the Northern Fells

by Robert Drake

The becks and gills of the English Lake District's Northern Fells are unknown territory. To follow them upstream is to voyage through a tapestry of interest and beauty and delight. The most obvious feature is the watercourse itself, and that simple element proves what a variety of effects it can achieve as water plays with the underlying geology and the surrounding vegetation.

Waterfalls and cascades pour themselves into pools of infinite variation. Like fingerprints, no two could be identical. They may be dark and mysterious with peaty water, or gleaming with a slew of golden gravel under the pellucid flow.

Paperback 122pp ISBN 978-1-90414-759-6

£11 inc p&p, from the author. Cheque/PO payable to 'Robert Drake'


A Line on Stone - a well-received collection of poems on varied subjects, but where stone in its many forms predominates. Paperback 66pp ISBN 0951758101. £4.00 inc p&p.

(If ordering multiple copies of these books, please email to request an advantageous rate for p&p)